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Full Version: [Python] NBA - Basketball shooting game
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Hi All,

I wanted to share with you what we developed with my son on his new HP Prime (birthday gift).
He is learning Python too. (I discovered it as well..)

This is a very basic baskball shooting game based on angle/velocity input and animation.

Have fun!
[Image: Screenshot%204.png?raw=true]

Source code @ : https://github.com/Yoobe/nba-hpprime

DL the hppdir @ : v1.0
Nice program and animations, its a fun game. My only gripes are that pressing escape/home/cas doesn't exit the program to home/cas, and entering a force of 0 causes a division by zero crash. One suggestion for future improvement would be to save the highscore between app runs and display it near the current score.
Thanks for the feedback.
Yes this is not robust code yet - Alpha version we might say.

To exit the app, you can use "On" button for the moment or change code to add extra Keycode to exit.
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