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Full Version: Introducing Mathematica Software 1989, Stephen Wolfram
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In this 1989 video presentation, Mathematica (TM) creator Stephen Wolfram demonstrates his award winning mathematics software. Wolfram demonstrates numerical calculations, algebraic calculation and graphical renderings. He concludes with a discussion of programming.

There was a lot of activity in the field of programming languages at the time. Python, Haskell, Mathematica and RPL were introduced within 3 years of each other.
I was at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 1990 as a freshman, and was taking a discrete math class, which used the computer lab that had Mathematica on both Macs and a NeXT machine. It was a great experience, I spent so much time using the software afterhours, my professor ended up introducing me to Mr. Wolfram. Very awkward meeting, still remember it well Smile

Brilliant software!
Thanks compsystems, a great find!
Software Archaeology: Mathematica 1 Thirty Years Later

Stephen Wolfram opens and demonstrates Mathematica Version 1 on a Mac SE 30 computer, thirty years after its release.

I got half-an-hour in but watching him fail to realise that "Packages" was actually a folder and that he needed to open it to see if the polyhedra package was inside, was just too painful. :-(
A golden age of Mathematical computing. Anyone use Wolfram Alpha? I am a fan.
(02-03-2023 02:16 PM)Eddie W. Shore Wrote: [ -> ]A golden age of Mathematical computing. Anyone use Wolfram Alpha? I am a fan.

I do when I want to analytically solve differentiation or integration problems.

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