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Full Version: HP 15C LE says Pr Error
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Weird, for some time now, when I pull my 15C LE from my bag, first message of the day is "Pr Error". I just press the <- arrow to remove the message and then the calculator works nicely. But for the whole week I started the day with an awkward "Pr Error". Anybody already experienced that? Was wondering if the calculator had keys depressed in the bag or if this was a signal for battery replacement?
Maybe the sorry-too-late-now-please-change-batteries signal. Remember there's no working brown-out detection.
All right so I reached the point where I couldn't even press the back key to clear screen. So I finally changed the battery and everything is back to normal. Definitely a battery issue which also confirms that the 15c LE will last a year with a very moderate use. Compared to the original one on which I must have changed batteries twice in 20 years this is indeed quite a change ?
My reaction to this not-so-neat behaviour of a rather not so much used 15C LE was not to change the batteries, but to put the 15LE into the display cabinet, and to use my original 15C for every day's tasks.

Kind regards, Ralf.
I have to confess that the LE speed is really adding comfort and the keyboard of the original one became very rigid like dry rubber. So I'll stick on this one despite battery and a few issues, the biggest one being the pause operator...
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