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Full Version: new owner of an HP-48G
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Woo-hoo. I am the new owner of an HP-48G, compliments of one of my former students.

My daily calculator is a 50g, but I've always wanted a 48 since I saw some of my students with them in the 90's. At the time, I had a 28C and couldn't really justify buying one.

The screen is in mint condition and it does not have the ON-key problem that I've read so much about. Most of the keys are as smooth as silk, but some on the right side make an audible click in such a manner that suggests something sticky may have spilled on it at some point in time. I'm considering using some "surgical spirits" alcohol as I've seen suggested, but I'm a bit hesitant as the click does not affect the functionality. I would really hate to damage it. Only one key, the up arrow, feels a little mushy, but not bad really.

I don't have a cable so I'm looking at jerry-rigging one. I don't suppose you can use Kermit with IR between a 48g and a 50g?

It never hurts to be nice to your students. :-)

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