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Full Version: Prime Key Font
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For those of you looking to make documents and such, here is the TTF font that was made to do so. I wanted to tweak the character mapping first before release to fix a few problems. It is quite good now and I think ready to let loose so to speak.

Here is the key mapping:


Tim, is there a similar font file for the creation of menu items?
No, there is not. It would be pretty much impossible to do. However, you can get a very nice look in the document simply by making the text white with black background.

What I probably should do is make it easier to get menu key graphics alone in the screenshot utility built into the emulator or connkit.
Last font question: What is the font used in the HP Prime? Is that a freely available TTF as well? I vaguely remember you posting about it in the past but cannot seem to find the post.
Droid Sans family. The primary font is Droid Sans Fallback Full. Connkit should have a copy locally in the directory.
Some of the characters in the HP Prime's font are different from the ones available freely on the net (e.g. J in Droid Sans and similar fonts dips below like the bottom portion of p or q). I don't suppose there is an HP-modified version you can distribute.
It is in the connkit install directory.

Also, for the future we'll be installing it on the system and so I renamed it and gave a new identifier to something like Prime Sans instead to avoid conflicts.
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