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Full Version: (41) Synthetic Programmer
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Here is a program that I wrote back in the '80s and was accepted in HP's User Library (03079-0041).
It is intended to automate the synthetic programming techniques described in "Synthetic Programming" by W.C. Wickes. I don't know if anybody would enter synthetic programs using the keyboard any more, but here it is for the community.
For a C/CV it requires the extended functions module, I assume it will work with a CX

1) Identify all the synthetic lines in the program
2) Find the sequence of bytes required to create them in order
3) Start entering the program, stop at the first synthetic line
4) Go out of program mode and XEQ "SPRO"
5) At each CODE? Prompt, enter (in decimal format) one of the bytes you found earlier, press R/S
6) When you are done entering the list, press R/S without entering anything, the next prompt will be the number of dummy lines that need to be entered to make space for the synthetic lines
7) Go to program mode, you will be at your incomplete program. SST to your earlier stopping point and enter as many one byte lines as required, the ENTER^ key is handy for this
8) Go out of program mode and XEQ "CONT"
9) When the program stops with the DONE prompt go to program mode, you will find the desired synthetic lines replaced most of the dummy lines entered earlier
10) Delete the leftover dummies and insert the rest of the normal instructions at the right location to complete your program
As usual when messing with synthetic programs, play at your own risk of crashes

Code attached in RAW format
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