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Full Version: Copy/Paste between Spreadsheet and Stats1/2
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While there are ways to move datasets between Spreadsheet and Stats 1/2Vars applications using reserved variables and Home, would it make sense to directly enable Copy/Paste of ranges?

For example: copy range in Spreadsheet (a list) they click on variable header in Stats and paste the range.

Similarly, click on a variable header in Stats to copy the variable, then paste it as a range into spreadsheet.

If technically possible, I'd think that this would be quite intuitive and universally useful.

I just discovered that in Spreadsheet, if I press Vars key, it's easy enough to paste any dataset from Stats apps just by choosing it (I have to remember which one is which).

But I'm still struggling to do the reverse process easily: i.e. copying and pasting a range from the spreadsheet into a Stats variable. Paste in Stats doesn't seem to allow pasting lists.

The best I can think of is to copy a range from Spreadsheet, go to Home and paste a list on the stack. Then Store the list in the appropriate Stat's variable (e.g. D1-D0, C1-C0 - one has to memorize which one).

Smallest way to do it:
start stat aplet and type on the command line: D1:=Spreadsheet.A1:A5 and it should work...

simpler command line:
spreadsheet beeing current app: A1:A5 ENTER, then start stats and type D1:=Ans

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