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Full Version: Equation Solver and custom equation catalogue
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I'm used to HP48's equation solver. It looks that on Prime, if a variable in an equation is not defined, the solver doesn't automatically create variables for the symbolic parameters of the equation and produces an error. An initial value of a parameter has to be saved by hand first under the same global variable name as the parameter symbol. Is there an easier way?

I'm also confused as to how to best catalogue the equations (i.e. where to save them and name them so that they can be quickly recalled in Solver and solved for any of their symbolic variables). I tried Define for expressions: it saves well, but when I try to recall this user's function in Solver, I have to remember the number and the order variables in the equation to write them in the function's brackets. Another option was to save equations in Notes and than copy and paste them into Solve input box(es), but both of them seem less than ideal. Is there a better way?
Made some test on a equation library some times ago with Larsf. It has been a good programming exercise since we customised the solver application:

Equation library for the HP Prime

The variable declation is an issue only the first time you use the equation, then the variables remaines stored into the calc for future use. Since variables are visible only in the user variable list, it doesn't bother me too much if i don't clean the environment as i had to do with my hp48.

Hope it help

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