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Full Version: Booklet Style User Guide
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I created a PDF of the HP Prime User Guide designed specifically for printing your own A4 size copy. Just open, select two-sided printing, and print! Then cut the full size pages in half and stack the right half on top of the left half, no collating needed!

Attachments are limited to 3MB on the forum, so you will have to download it from my server here (about 6.5MB; sorry, only 1Mbps up!): http://server.justinsloan.com/downloads/...ooklet.pdf
Justin -- Great idea, but the version that you used is very old and obsolete. FYI, HP's "Edition number" shown on the second page is useless; every edition so far has said "Edition 1". The current version is automatically installed (in nine different languages) with the current version of the emulator. The English version is 950 PDF pages long, comprised of the "User Guide" (PDF pages 1 through 616, last page number is 610) and a "User Guide Supplement" (PDF pages 617 through 950, last page number is 330). It's also available here: http://holyjoe.net/Prime/User_Guide_EN.pdf (9.58 MB).
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