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Full Version: Where's the "mol" unit?
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I'm stumped and I'm hoping someone can provide a simple answer. I just noticed this for the first time yesterday. In the attached screenshot from the HP Prime Virtual Calculator (Build 2.1.14596 on Windows 10), under Units/Mass, instead of "mol" I find "ozf*inch" and "mol" is nowhere to be found in the units menus, although it works fine when I type it in. Exactly the same thing on my physical HP Prime (software version 2.1.14603, hardware version D, operating system V2.060.650). Have not been able to find anything anywhere about this. Could it be something I messed up accidentally?

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Congratulations, you found a bug (I think). The "mol" unit in the Mass menu is erroneously getting replaced by the "ounce force inch" unit from the Torque menu in some firmware versions. If you highlight that unit in the Mass menu, then press the Help key, you'll see the help screen for the Torque menu appear. So something is screwed up not only in your Prime but in all Primes with certain firmware versions.

Until they fix this bug (if ever), you'll have to key "mol" yourself in Alpha mode, or downgrade to an older version which doesn't have this bug.

Firmware versions which DO exhibit this bug:
14500 (2020 05 11)
14588 (2021 05 05)
14592 (2021 06 09)

Firmware versions which do NOT exhibit this bug:
14341 (2019 11 20)
14424 (2020 01 20)
14433 (2020 01 21)
... and another firmware versions which do NOT exhibit this bug:
14538 (2020 12 17)
Thanks for the replies. The current version of the iOS app 2.1.14584 (2021 05 05) also does not have this bug.

Wow. Not the HP I remember, I guess.

... and another firmware/software version that does not exhibit the bug is the latest Android Pro App:

14591 (2021 05 14)

It has "mol" in that menu and adds the unit to the input line when selected. Probably shows how old that emulator software version is. Smile
Also have this bug
2.1.14603 (2021 12 02)
2.1.14730 (2023 04 13) still has the bug.
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