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Full Version: Essential RPN-34CE for iOS functionality in recent updates.
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Hi all.

As it was before the update available today, indirect branching to labels .0 and.1 was not possible. Today's update adds that functionality.

Many thanks to Willy Kunz for filling my (and I'm sure other users') request to add that indirect branching enhancement to RPN-34CE.

Here are the details:

As before, if the I register contains 0-9, labels 0-9 are the branching targets.
Likewise, if 10-19 is in the I register, labels .0-.9 are the branching targets.
**If the I register contains 20, branching goes to label A.
**If the I register contains 21, branching goes to label B.

In order to use this feature, the Registers switch needs to be set to 0…99.

You're welcome.
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