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Full Version: For Sale: APF 55 Non-HP RPN for your collection
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Enjoyed watching the HHC 2022 videos, and this one reminded me I have a couple of APF 55s, seems like a good time to share the joy!

HHC 2022: APF Calculators (Gene Wright)

I'm offering a very clean, fully working APF 55, with AC charger, soft pouch, instruction manual, in original box (in fair shape) and an original cardboard shipping box. All the keys work (yes, they don't have the HP "click" we love!), LEDs are bright (and amusing to watch flicker as it does some calculations :-) ), metal bezel very clean (only minor signs of use). Due to upload size limitation, the picture is not very clear (particularly the display).

Due to too many incidents with leaking batteries, I have removed the batteries (it takes 3x AA rechargeables, soldered in), and the calc seems to work fine from the AC adapter without batteries.

Asking $275 + $9 for shipping, US lower 48 only, please. PayPal only. Full price back if you're not satisfied (please pay return shipping).
Appears no interest in this fine RPN calculator? If anyone is interested, please make me an offer. If no one here wants it I will delete this thread and list it on TAS (after a few days).

Cheers -

Thanks for the offer. Bought one years ago from TAS. It’s a fantastic clone of the Corvus 500.

I do have a major question, though. It looks like the battery is sealed up in the calc (i.e. you can't use a coin to open the battery compartment or just pry up a bottom slit). So, how does the battery get replaced if it's either oxidized or so old it cannot retain a charge?
Matt - the battery pack in the APF 55 is indeed internal and not readily accessible. There are 4 screws in the case bottom, and the pack consists of 3 x AA size NiCd cells (originally) that were soldered together and have soldered wires that connect to the charger socket and the circuit board. Replacement requires (de-)soldering.

In this unit I have removed the batteries (to prevent damage from leaking batteries) and left the battery pack leads (wires) in place. It is possible to replace the batteries and reconnect the wires. It is also possible to operate the calc without the batteries (this is how I have been using the calculator).

If anyone wants this unit with a fresh NiMh battery pack (NiMh being the more contemporary replacement for NiCd) I am happy to do this for $15 (on top of the agreed-upon sale price for the calc and accessories). Personally I leave batteries out of any calc that will work without them, I have way too many horror stories involving calcs that have been seriously damaged by batteries leaking :-(
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