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Full Version: HP 15C Repair
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I have an HP 15C in near Mint Condition but it will not turn on. I have tried the usual reset and re-boot routines, but nothing has worked. Does anyone know if there is a location for possible repair?
Try these steps before concluding it's damaged:

a. Remove batteries
b. Clean the terminals with a fiberglass brush and then a Q-tip soaked in alcohol and/or vinegar
c. Short the terminals together (a scissor works well) for a few seconds
d. Insert NEW batteries (use only Silver Oxide 357/303 cells)
e. Press and hold Minus
f. Press and release ON
g. Release Minus

Hopefully it will turn on, it's reasonably hard to kill a Voyager.
You might also try this procedure from the HP-15C manual. It has you briefly short out the batteries while they are in the calculator. This sounds weird but the short is too brief to harm them.

Also never assume the batteries you have are good or even that a brand new set you bought are good. A number of people have bought brand new batteries that turned out to be bad.

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