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Full Version: automatic multiplication in solve area when using 2 letter terms
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Hello all,

first at all I'm German, so sorry, if my english is not absolutely perfect (but understandable, hopefully).

I've got the following problems:

In the SOLVE area of my HP Prime G2 I want to enter for example the formula:

EKR = EBT/EK*100 (just an example, could be other letters)

What makes me mad is, that it works properly in the windows emulator for HP Prime, but not with my calculator :-(.

Indeed it changes the formula automatically to:

E*K*R = E*B*T/EK*100

But it worked correctly before, but does not do it know.

What can I do that it accept EKR (or any other combination) as a term, but not as a multiplication?

Thank you for your help in advance.
Try creating and storing a number in the multi-letter variables *before* entering the variables in the solver equation editor.
For example, from Home perform:
0 Sto> EKR
0 Sto> EBT
0 Sto> EK

Then enter the equation. There may be a more elegant way that someone else could suggest.
Hello Steve,

thank you for your helpful reply. It works properly.
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