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Full Version: Recreational Programmers' Notes ("RPN") Newsletter from New Zealand
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Recently, I received a bunch of materials from Richard Nelson's calculator "stash" for scanning, and among the items was a folder containing the first 8 issues of a newsletter from New Zealand, called "Recreational Programmers' Notes" (or RPN for short). Volume 1 Numbers 1 through 8 are all from 1976 and cover the HP65, 67/97 and such. The editor was David V. Smith from Christchurch, NZ. That most-recent issue (V1N8 from September '76) does not indicate that the production was being discontinued, so I suppose that there were additional/later issues produced. Would anyone happen to be in possession of later issues of R.P.N.? If you do and would either be willing to lend them for scanning or would volunteer to scan them, I would be most grateful.

Jake Schwartz
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