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Full Version: [WP 34S v3.3] Manuals batch 2
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Bitte 1 Exemplar auch für mich.
Hello Walter,
Any news from the printer?

Regards, Thomas
(11-05-2014 07:50 AM)Thomas_Sch Wrote: [ -> ]Any news from the printer?

Got the prints yesterday in the evening. Repacking and addressing is next and in progress.

Hello Walter,
many thanks for the update!
yours sincerly,
FYI, all envelopes and packets are on their way to you since today, 17:15 UTC.

Is this batch already out of stock? I would be happy if not. As I asked for in my previous post, and as a junior user of a WP34S since last week, I would like to order this v3.3 manual if possible.

You not only created a sophisticated calculator, but you tried also a nearly comprehensive documentation in the style of the earlier HP manuals.

Thanks for your great work.
Got it last saturday. Thanks. Well done!

Hello Walter,

Got it. Thanks for your effort.


Got mine yesterday. Nice work. What I especially like about it is that it stays open on the desktop without putting something heavy weight on it Smile.
Thanks for your effort!
I got mine today.
Very nice work, more then expected.
Thank you for your work!

What a wonderful effort! This certainly complements the calculator itself, and now I can read it while away from the computer. Well worth the money. Thank you very much.
Got mine yesterday.

Awesome quality, makes a lot of fun to read in. Thank you very much indeed for your work Walter.

I have received mine today.

Excellent work and a good opportunity to say again thank you to the whole team for this great calculator and the high quality manual you produced !

And thanks also to Harald for the Usb/Lipo wonder and to Eric for the great "Labels on top of the key" overlays.

Best regards

Hello Walter,

I would like one WP34S spiral bound manual.

J. Groenendijk
Hi Walter,

Yesterday I received the manual by mail.
Thanks very much!


Hans Klaver
Thank you for the handsome manual, Walter!

The whole family was excited to see something from Germany. (My excitement continues.)
Many thanks for the two manuals that arrived yesterday. They open flat, perfect! Amazing quality, HP couldn't have done better.

Hi Walter,

thanks for the manual. It looks great just like the 31S manual.

Hello Walter,

thank you for the really nice manual. I found it last Friday in my letterbox.

Nevertheless I think there is a little bug on page 20. The [->P] in the lower paragraph should be printed in blue (for subsequent editions).

another :-)

Just a note to confirm receipt of my WP-31S manual and my WP-34S manual. Top notch work for sure, great quality. Thanks for all you do.

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