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Full Version: Doubt Series 80.
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How HP-85B reading and writing files, binaries (TD0) and texts by Pil-BOX?
I have:
82937A HP-IB interface.
82169A HP-IL/HPIB Interface.
I appreciate any help.
There is no support for any HP-IL storage on the Series 80 so you would have to write your own programs if you wanted to exchange data using the Pil-Box. The only storage that the base series 80 machine will recognize, are storage unit that fully support the Amigo protocol. The "Extended Mass Storage" ROM will add support for SS/80 units. For both of these protocols, HP used a signal sequence that does not conform to the IEEE-488 standard to identify the unit, and there is no way to send this identify sequence to a HP-IL device.

The TDO files as you are probably aware are diskette images, I used an old DOS machine to create diskettes from the images because I have HPIB diskette units I can read the diskettes on. Another alternative is to use the HPDrive and HPdir to convert the TDO files to images HPDrive uses, but for that to be useful you need a PC with a supported HPIB adapter and then use HPDrive to emulate HPIB storage so you can read the contents. For more information about HPDrive see http://www.hp9845.net/9845/projects/hpdrive/ and http://www.hp9845.net/9845/projects/hpdir/

In the end you need to extract the files from the TDO image, even if you get a TDO image over to your 85B, the 85B would not know what to do with it. You could extract the individual files by converting the to HPDRIVE images and then use HPDir to extract the individual files.
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