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Full Version: HP-41 Drug Dosage Application ROM
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Background: I recently acquired a 16K 41 custom EPROM which is comprised of 3 x 4K ROM images. I extracted the images and Angel Martin was super helpful and converted these to .rom and .mod files so they can be explored in the 41CL, DM41X, V41 and other emulators, or loaded into a CLONIX/NoVRAM module and used in a real 41.
Note that this module is not completely new to the community, e.g. it appears in HP Collection’s 41 ROM Database.

Applications: The applications are for Drug Dosage calculations made by some company/organization BCMC, apparently no longer in business, and this module is from Feb 1990. The CAT-2 ROM Header is “MDC-7 02/90”, and although it loads into 3 consecutive pages, only the 1st page has a real module header, the other 2 pages simply begin with programs. Earlier versions of some of these applications were previously released in two 4K modules, labeled “BG/UG IDC” and “ML-IDC”.

Tech Details: The ROMs contain 13 MCODE routines (which all appear to be functions taken from the CX/X-Functions ROM and used as library routines, so this ROM could probably run on any 41C model) and 65 FOCAL programs/subroutines, all of which are PRIVATE (but can be made viewable by clearing the Private bit in the routine’s global label). The ROM also performs some setup/configuration activities upon each power-on, likely using code from HP first seen in HP’s “Auto-Start/Duplication” Pac.

Files: These files are in the .zip file linked below:
Mdc-7.mod – mod file suitable for use in V41, DM41X, etc.
MDC-ROMs.zip – contains the 3 .rom files suitable for use in 41CL, Clonix/NOV, etc
BLOODROM.lif – original ROM images, extracted using HEPAX’s WRTROM utility
MDC ROM Headers.xslx – ROM header info showing FAT details (XROM codes, FN names, etc.) Kindly supplied by Angel.
Older BCMC ROMs.zip – copies of the older versions of many of these programs from the mid-80s’

Documentation: I have no documentation for any of these ROMs. If any reader happens to have copies of any docs for these modules, please do share a scan below.

I made reasonable efforts to locate and contact the author for permission to share these here, but had no success, so I am sharing them with the community. If the author objects to this being shared here, please contact me and I will remove this material immediately.

The .zip file can be downloaded from here.
Good morning!
Several years ago I requested and obtained written permission from the copyright owner, Dr. Michael Albisser, to digitize the manuals and share them for the benefit of collectors. I've also included scans of some of the marketing materials. (copyright approval letter dated 12 Nov 2007)

(Thanks to Bob for hosting the scans!!)
Thank-you Bob and thank-you Allen for sharing raw and documentation.
Actually an interesting matter and a field of application that I did not even imagine for this wonderful calculator
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