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Full Version: Chess programs for any HP calculator
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I'm curious if there are any chess programs for any HP calculator? Specifically, a chess engine that one can play against.

There are a number of Chess programs at HPCalc.org but this one looks like one of the best. For the HP-48/49/50 series.

There's a Chess Module for the 41 that includes chess-related material, including a Chess Playing program (8x8 board) written by Claude Roeltgen. You can check the user guide at TOS and download the module there as well.

The program has four levels of play, the first two are trivial, the third is ok but level four it's decent. It plays slow but that's partially solved by TURBO mode of course.

Is one I have on my list to try.

Valentin Albillo is one of the members here to do a article search for.

There is a shareware program that plays chess on the HP 95LX, 100LX, and 200LX. It was written by Andy Glaister.

Users can select to be white or black and choose a level of look-ahead from 1-5.

Its executable is just 5,731 bytes(!) in size.

I'm absolutely certain that I downloaded it from CompuServe in 1990 or 1991, but I don't have a link for downloading it from the web today. I could put it on my own site if you're interested.

I did find a link for Andy Glaister's two LX games: https://www.retroisle.com/others/hp95lx/...hess95.zip

This single .zip file holds both chess and space invaders.

(05-26-2022 09:24 PM)striegel Wrote: [ -> ]There is a shareware program that plays chess on the HP 95LX, 100LX, and 200LX.

There are many nice 16 bit DOS chess programs executable on the HP100LX/200LX/1000CX.
The strongest and nicest is Fritz 2.51. Stronger DOS programs are 32 bit and not usable.
Could be that chess genius 3 would work too? (free version of genius are available for many platforms, real nice)


According to the SSDF list (n1) genius 3 and Fritz 3 were quite close (and thus I presume fritz 2 was somewhat outclassed). Further chess genius 3 was quite a force to recon with in the early 90s.

n1: http://ssdf.bosjo.net/list.htm and http://ssdf.bosjo.net/long.txt
(05-29-2022 04:39 PM)pier4r Wrote: [ -> ]Could be that chess genius 3 would work too?

Unfortunately not, because it's a 32 bit program that needs at least a 80386. This is also the case with Fritz 3.0 or other stronger programs than Fritz 2.51.
Maybe a very old version of M-Chess is executable, but I see problems with the CGA graphics and the copy protection.
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