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Full Version: HP 41 items for sale
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It’s been a flipping long time, but I am a former member of PPC (later HPCC) and I have the following HP41 items for sale (By the way, is Richard Nelson still around?)
HP41CX. Lacking the battery compartment cover. Lightly used and currently not working but almost certainly not serious. Used only to crunch the numbers for my master’s degree in chemistry back in the mid ‘80s and not used since plus custom-made beltloop leather case.
PPC Rom with manual
Paname Rom
Stat 1 Rom
Two of the X Memory Rom’s (from an earlier HP41CV)
Extended I/O Rom

Let me know if you are interested

Paul Kohler
Yes, Richard is still around. He will be at this year's HHC conference in Nashville TN in early September.
(05-14-2022 05:00 PM)VaTech Wrote: [ -> ]PPC Rom with manual

I would be interested in the PPC ROM plus manual.
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