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Full Version: All Spreadsheet column headers upper-case except g?
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Prime G2 on 2021 12 02 firmware.

A niggly little thing but shows a lack of polish/attention to detail.

Has this been noted/reported before?
It was necessary, intentional, and documented. The HP Prime User Guide says, "Note that the alphabetic component of column names can be uppercase or lowercase except for columns g, l, m, and z. (G, L, M, and Z are names reserved for graphic objects, lists, matrices, and complex numbers.)".
Glad to know it’s by design.
Ooh, I forgot to include the important text following what I quoted above:

Quote:These must be in lowercase if not preceded by $. Thus cell B1 can be referred to as B1,b1,$B$1 or $b$1 whereas M1 can only be referred to as m1, $m$1, or $M$1.

So if you really want to use uppercase all the time, you can, if you remember to prepend the dollar sign. But it's easier to always omit the dollar sign and always user lowercase.
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