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Full Version: XRPN: A new programming language incorporating the HP-41 FOCAL language
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After learning to program when I was 13, I soon started to design my own programming language. But I didn’t have the skills to implement it, and the project was soon forgotten.

Until a few weeks ago. I remembered - and got the spark again.

After about 50 hours of coding, I’m proud to announce XRPN - a stack-based programming language in the spirit of FOCAL and Forth. The HP-41CX is a subset of the language. This means that you can run HP-41 programs directly in this environment and get full access to thousands of HP-41 programs on yo PC. You can of course. also use XRPN to debug HP-41 programs.

XRPN covers a lot of ground with more than 250 functions and with extensibility on the fly, indirect addressing and the opportunity to easily write self-modifying code.

It’s been a lot of fun. And I hope the fun continues. And the fun is fueled with some user feedback 

Head on over to GitHub and check it out: https://github.com/isene/xrpn
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