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Full Version: (50g) WIN XP ON 50G!!!
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Just look at this screen shot...


haha made you look.
no really it can not be done

But this thread made me think of this where Mic got win 7 on a prime. I couldn't get win 7 but I did get XP grob to display.

download the instructions and file in this zip file and amaze your friends!

I'm convinced no one cares about my little GROBS, I guess everyone is busy with the prime and all those apps, or busy finding factors terms and integers and other things with their calculators which I do not care about for I know not what they are for, and so don't care about spending time figuring with my valuable pocket computer. Meanwhile, I on the other hand spend huge amounts of time writing these huge programs, that do HUGE things, which totally amaze me, which no one bothers to even download let alone even mention to me that they saw it. Well I'm doing it again with this HUGE PROGRAM that does something special.
  1. Make a directory in home called GROBS.
  2. Download the above grob MSWinXP.gro and put it in the newly created GROBS directory.
  3. Put this code in the HOME directory and name it 'STARTUP'

%%HP: T(3)A(R)F(.);

now do a warm start by pressing [ON] C
press cancel when your fully amazed.
If you show this to your teacher she/he will surely ban your calculator from all future tests.
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