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Full Version: Sniffing ubootarm/uart?
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Has anyone sniffed the uart present in the calculator?

[Image: Image%202014-07-08%20at%202.09.29%20pm.png]

I hooked a cheap digital analyzer but got only garbage, fastest captured pulse was about below something valid, but the next one was 0.000008625s (8.625 us) = 115942 bauds... no complete frames though :/

(I am just looking around to make sure that device is recoverable for some more eventual debrouxl dummyos tests xD)
None of the files composing firmware upgrades contains uBoot.

My dummy firmware only writes to the LCD controller and a screen buffer, it does not read from or write to Flash memory, so it's hard to imagine how it could damage the calculator Smile
Sure, I never said that you included anything like uboot. Just wanted to have options in case something fails.
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