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Full Version: Why I can't put google drive images on???
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<iframe src="https://drive.google.com/file/d/1xqSXv9DjEn3S13aCcySK6fLw-qpf8oOC/preview" width="640" height="480" allow="autoplay"></iframe>

[Image: view]
Quote:A quote

PHP Code:
<iframe src="https://drive.google.com/file/d/1xqSXv9DjEn3S13aCcySK6fLw-qpf8oOC/preview" width="640" height="480" allow="autoplay"></iframe

[Image: watch?v=cRGu1OBFPrc]
Actual Video

but why not a google drive picture?
Try this.


EDIT: Correction - The Permalinks method does still work, but I find the alternative procedure easier to use.
Ok so first method is not supposed to work

[Image: uc?export=view&amp;id=1f76r1yNHj6dnx...meYtGAkFCY]

while the second is guaranteed to work

[Image: uc?export=download&amp;id=1f76r1yNHj...meYtGAkFCY]

If I see a magic wand... that means it works.
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