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Full Version: WP 34S on DM 42: storing epsilon
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I think I have asked this before, but how (what are the keystrokes) do I store an epsilon of my choice on the WP 34S on a DM 42 platform?
You need a program labelled \(\Delta X\) (the delta and the x can be upper or lower case) which returns the value of \(\delta\) required. If this program consists of RCL99 then the value returned could be changed just by changing the value in this register.

This is the same as on the real WP34S.

Hope this helps!

Nigel (UK)
Thanks! Since I am in the size 8 stack, register 99 appears unavailable. I used register 09, and it works great. Using full 34 digit accuracy, solving f’(x), f’’(x) works quite well using an epsilon of 1 e-11.
It won't be the 8 level stack causing problems. The stack levels are X, Y, Z, T, A, B, C, D. I.e. they don't eat into the numeric registers. Double precision does impact them however.

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