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Full Version: FS: 512K RAM Cards for HP 48GX / SX Calculators
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Have a few spare 512K RAM Cards for sale, built using https://bitbucket.org/cloudycat/rc48-512/src/master/

Have 2 Cards left that are hardwired to 512K | Port 2 only ($30 Shipped).

Reach out via PM if interested. Photos attached.
My card showed up today. After a quick PINIT and XMODEM transfer, I've got HAPAMAN running smoothly from port 5 (seemed like a suitable test). Thanks!

Note for other buyers: insert the card with the back facing you, i.e. you shouldn't see the chips or battery when you open the card slot cover.
I received mine as well yesterday, and it's working fine. When installing ('backwards', as Dave suggested) do it carefully to be sure you don't rub the raised components on the grabber handle on a card in slot-1, if you have one there. It was a very tight fit, but I got it in.
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