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Full Version: HP Portable PLUS Prototype
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Here're some pics of my Portable PLUS prototype. The computer was received with the enhanced display, but has been returned to it's original configuration thanks to a forum member.

Click images to zoom.

[Image: Front.JPG] [Image: Back.JPG] [Image: Bottom.JPG]

That's the Portable PLUS side of the 82985A Monitor Interface where the battery door is located. The serial number has been penciled-in to be visible. Note the 9999 date code.

Boot screen showing the Config EPROM version 1. Production units had alpha versions.

[Image: Boot.JPG] [Image: MB.JPG] [Image: Mon+Con+.JPG] [Image: MEM.JPG]

The motherboard doesn't have a battery disable jumper and the plastic shield over the battery's positive terminal is hand-made.

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