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Full Version: how to safely remove sticky residue from soft cases
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I have a Pioneer case with some sticky residue on it and a gentle soap clean does nothing.

I thought this would have come up before but can't find anything in the forums.

Has anybody worked out what can be safely used to remove sticky residue from the soft cases without removing colour or damaging the case? I'm hoping someone has done this before so I don't risk damaging the case while experimenting.

The calculator is fine but the sticky case is annoying as I get it every time I pick it up and have to worry about how and where I put it down.

Ordering another case in Australia would be expensive and may not even ship currently.

TIA, dmh
Rubbing alcohol, canola oil, WD-40, pencil eraser, Goo Off, Vodka even.

You would have to test first on a small area. If it all doesn't work, the vodka may have another beneficial use ;-)


If the case is suffering from the remains of a self adhesive sticker (not global stickiness due to the softener in the material) White Gas (Wasch-Benzin, Gasoline) is usually a good solvent.

Vodka and other alcohols usually make the sticker glue gummy but does not solve it. But you can then rub away the sticky stuff.

Do not try "sharp" solvents like nitro lacquer thinner, acetone etc.

In all cases try the stuff sparingly - too much may attack almost any material.
If a white cotton or paper towel becomes colored when rubbing the surface - stop.

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