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Full Version: HP 49g+ powered from USB
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As an owner of an HP 50g+ I learnt some time ago that this calculator can be powered through USB, even when main batteries are removed. It’s a nice feature that can help avoid spending money on batteries.
Recently I bought a second-hand 49g+. It works perfectly with batteries as expected. However, I tried to power it up from USB with main batteries removed like the 50g+ and unfortunately it doesn’t work this way. I wonder if this feature found on HP 50g+ is not available by default in 49g+.
Could anybody please confirm if this is the normal behavior for 49g+ or maybe my calculator has a hardware problem in the power supply circuitry that prevents it from working from USB?
Thanks in advance and excuse my poor English.
That's correct: The 49g+ cannot be powered through its USB port, unlike the 50g which can.
Thanks Joe.
By the way , it’s an HP 50g, not an HP 50g+.
(01-09-2022 05:17 PM)penguin Wrote: [ -> ]Thanks Joe.
By the way , it’s an HP 50g, not an HP 50g+.

That simply does not exist. ;)
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