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Full Version: Do you recommend buying the "HP Prime Graphing Calculator App"?
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I am an engineering student and a few days ago I bought the calculator. Do you also recommend to buy the application? Thank you
If you are referring to the HP Connectivity Kit and the HP Virtual Calculator? That should already come with the HP Prime.

If you are asking about the iOS or Android app, I guess it is up to you. I prefer using the hardware instead of apps and there is no way that I know of, of transferring programs from the apps to the computer (yet). Personally I would start with the hardware first.
(01-07-2022 03:33 PM)Eddie W. Shore Wrote: [ -> ]I prefer using the hardware instead of apps and there is no way that I know of, of transferring programs from the apps to the computer (yet).

Um, you just put them on the same IP network (phone and Connkit), join the prime app to the connectivity kit, and away you go....

I once accidentally was sitting in Vancouver, Canada running the test system. It started running but I could not figure out why my emulator was not doing anything. I messed with it for about 5 minutes before I got an instant message from the test lead in Colorado asking "Something really weird is going on with my prime emulator..."

Yeah, was running the test across the HP network to his computer. You can do the same with a phone app, or any version of the Prime software (except the "free" app one) which has connectivity disabled
Yes I do recommend buying this app!
Having a high level calculation tool everywhere you go, easily connected with you other HP Primes including physical or virtual makes things easier.
I often program things on the fly, just to verify an equation, a formula, or simply derive something or display a sequence graph.

For everyday calculations like divide the bill at the restaurant, I use Free42. But for advanced calculations, nothing beats this $30 app.

Plus… you can copy / paste so easily using the lateral menu. I’m writing this on an iPhone, and to verify what I said I copied this small program, enjoy!


 LOCAL X1, X2, X, Y1, Y2;
 X1 := Function.Xmin;
 X2 := Function.Xmax;

  Y1 := COS(X)*(X1-X)+SIN(X);
  Y2 := COS(X)*(X2-X)+SIN(X); 
  LINE(X1, Y1, X2, Y2, RGB(20,10,10,200));
"everywhere you go" except places with poor connectivity to the internet.
Some people report that the Android app only works online.
Other than that and the lack of Python, it's a great app.
I did the opposite. I bought the app first, learned to use the calculator, and then that convinced me to buy the calculator.

I admit that neither have gotten nearly as much use in my collection as Free42 and my DM42, but I suspect that's because I forget to put the Prime into RPN mode.

Regardless, if you're not carrying the Prime and use the Prime's features, yeah, it's definitely worth the price. I could see the app being valuable for a student on the go at university, for example.
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