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Full Version: HP-82166A Enclosure
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I have been playing around with my new HP-82166 HP-IL Converter and have developed a 3D printed enclosure for it to keep things tidier on my desk.

Here is an example:


If you are interested in me printing one for you, they are available on my store along with my other HP Stands and accessories: HP4171.com
Extremely nice, I would love to order one set: 3D print, circuid board plus cable included. Unfortuantelly shipping to Switzerland will coste the same price as the full set ;(
If there is interest, perhaps I could send a batch with someone who may be attending the Allschwil meeting.
This is VERY nice, I like!!

Made for a tiny group of people inside a small niche of active IL fans Smile could be fun to know how many of these 82166As are still out there.

I would like 2 for myself, as Matthias I would be delighted if it also was including the Cable and BreakOut if that is an option (that is my question, is that even possible?).

Adding - Bundling Shipment could be an option, I could bring you one Matthias...
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