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Full Version: 67/97 Standard Pac wallet insert scan?
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Odd request, but I've got a set of 67/97 Standard Pac cards that were combined into a Business Decisions wallet, and I'd like to make up a wallet for the Standard Pac. Does anybody happen to have a color scan of the front insert at, say, 300 DPI?
Maybe this could be fine. I can not see if it is 300 DPI or more. Sorry. Pedro
Pedro's scan is 150 dpi. If higher resolutions are needed, hopefully one of these will suffice:

300 dpi: https://holyjoe.net/hp/StdPacInsert300dpi.jpg
400 dpi: https://holyjoe.net/hp/StdPacInsert400dpi.jpg
600 dpi: https://holyjoe.net/hp/StdPacInsert600dpi.jpg
They look much better. Pedro
I think one of those ought to do the trick. Thanks fellas!
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