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Full Version: CASIO Classpad off CASIO site
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Got an ad from CASIO…links to all of their calculators, CG50 is in the ad, but no Classpad. A Classpad full page image came up with tab to learn more, and got a message that there is no such page. I wonder if a new, better CAS machine is in the works…
On the German Casio website it is still there:

But it would make sense to introduce a new version. While being more expensive than the TI Nspire or the HP Prime it is no longer competitive in terms of RAM or processor speed.
The fx-CG500 is still listed on Casio's USA website.
I was hoping that a new upgraded CAS was in the works…
(12-19-2021 12:47 AM)lrdheat Wrote: [ -> ]I was hoping that a new upgraded CAS was in the works…

Me too. A new calculator without the touchscreen interface, like Algebra 2.0. Those who want touchscreen can use smartphone or tablet instead.
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