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Full Version: Numworks Python on Android: How can Python scripts be saved
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Just trying out Python on Numworks.
At first scripts were not saved, but changing Android permissions to allow storage seemed to help.
I made a few edits which were retained OK.
But now, the script has disappeared (just the examples remain).

Is there a recommended procedure to save the scripts?
To the best of my knowledge, there is no way to directly save the Scripts in the emulator on Android. Or in the downloaded web based emulator. But if you run the emulator on their web site, it does give you the ability to save a "session" to your web account.

I did some testing on my Android Tablet. If you run the Emulator and then NEVER exit it or close it, then the scripts will remain. But if you mistakenly close it or reboot your device, then when you run the app again it will start fresh with all your scripts gone.

Hopefully they will at the least add the ability to save sessions on the Android App and the downloadable emulator. Better would be to have the ability to export and import the scripts so that they could be transferred directly to the real calculator. Unfortunately, there is still NO way to export/import scripts to the emulator. And that is the reason I rarely use it.

It's crazy that a person cannot create something on the emulator, export it and then transfer it to the actual calculator. I can't be the only person who thinks this would be a needed feature.

Smithville, NJ
In the absence of a way to save the scripts, I find a reasonable workaround is to keep the source code on the HP Prime App on the Android, and cut and paste it into the Numworks App on the Android for execution.

(The main downside is that the HP Prime App only works online for me, so some other editor might be better).

A quick try suggests the Numworks executes the Savage benchmark about twice as fast as the Python-in-CAS syntax on the HP Prime, both running on the same Android (TBC).
That approach worked.

On a newer Android, Samsung notes and messages yield space characters that will not compile.
But saving the note as a text file, then pasting that in works OK.

But although shift/paste and shift/clear work OK, shift/copy doesn't seem to do anything...
Actually you have to select the text you want to copy first.

Is there an easier way to copy the program than selecting every character, which seems very cumbersome, when you need to save?
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