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Full Version: Free42 icon bug on Android 4.4
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The latest versions of Free42 don't show any icon on my Android 4.4 test device (Sony Z1 compact). (and it is not the only app that shows like this).

[Image: calculators_sony_z1c_44.png]
At what version did it start to look like that?
(11-26-2021 04:57 PM)Thomas Okken Wrote: [ -> ]At what version did it start to look like that?
AFAIK when you implemented adaptive icons for Android 8+ (I know I promised a PR for that, but the new icon in Android 10 and 11 does look the same as the old, the same result I got and that I failed to fix, but in the meantime I found out it is a quirk in Samsung's launcher).

As you can see on the screenshot Free42 is not the only app suffering from that.
That is odd. I created the adaptive icons using Image Asset Studio, per the instructions, and that is supposed to take care of the adaptive icons, and legacy icons for Android 7 and earlier.
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