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Full Version: IVBOY - Calculator on 6 Key Game Console ARDUBOY
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I tried to make the “best Arduboy-Calculator available”.

As this Game Console has 6 keys only it's very important how to use this keys in an optimal way to perform as "convenient" calculator. After some exercise it's even possible to enter numbers (relatively) fast.

See a short video at: https://youtu.be/NNGXt9OnyTY

and more information at: https://github.com/zooxo/ivboy


(11-22-2021 10:15 AM)deetee Wrote: [ -> ]After some exercise it's even possible to enter numbers (relatively) fast.

"relatively" is kind of relative... I think the ultimate user-unfriendly calculator will have to have a single key through which the numbers and operators are keyed-in using Morse code and a single LED then flahes out the results, again in Morse code. The record for Morse-coding of 175 letters per minute from 1942 still holds so it should be possible to get even fairly complex calculations done within one working day ;-)

I see the Arduboy has a USB connector on it.
If that connector has OTG (On The Go) capabilities, it would be better to attach a USB 10-key keyboard, like I use with my laptop.

I love your response!
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