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Full Version: (HP-41) A simple contest calculator
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A simple contest calculator

The program QRBD is written bij Jaap Dijkshoorn (PA0TO) in 1986 based on a program from Silvio Viberti IW1AOL.
The program calculates distances between two maidenhead QTH locators as used by HAM radio operators.
The program can also be used as a simple contest calculator recording best DX and average distances.

There are also two other more simple programs QTHLOC and MQTHLOC in case you don't have enough memory to run QRBD.
The first program uses the old QTH locator system and the second the current maidenhead locator system.

The program was never published and only distributed between a few Dutch radio amateurs on magnetic cards.
I received the program and the description after a message from Jaap in the Dutch HAM radio magazine “Electron” asking for radio operators using a HP41 for HAM radio calculations.
In order to save this program for the future I decided to make a brief description in addition to Jaap's Dutch manual.

Jaap Dijkshoorn (PA0TO) was a known HF Dxer and Dutch amateur of the year in 1980, he passed away on 05 Jan 1995.
one more attachment: a MOD file with the .raw files provided.
Not tried, use it at your own risk... and report issues.
Thanks a lot for making the module, will test soon.
Just tested on my DM41, everything seems to work well but the MQTHLOC program is missing in the module.
Oops, I guess it fell thru the cracks...
the attached one has it included/
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