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Full Version: SPICE Series Replacement Battery Packs
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When it come to replacing the original (or replacement) battery packs for the SPICE series what are the the alternatives?

I've seen this thread but as the existing battery connectors are intact and clean I don't really want to modify the calculator (and I don't have the tools that would allow me to solder in new springs as suggested). However, I was wondering if anyone had tried the battery contacts suggested further down the thread successfully?

To me it seems like 4/5's may the way to go but what do you think the 'best' option is?

Rebuild the original pack with 2 x AA flat-top NiCD cells, and some conductive material to connect the 2 cells in the end opposite the contacts. You can then easily remove the cells and charge them in a smart charger when needed.

You should not take a chance and try charging ready-made battery packs in the calculator, it's too risky, you may kill the ACT by even a momentary slip or "bump" of the machine while charging.

If you don't have the original pack frame/parts, you can simply wrap 2 cells with tape and include the conductor at the far end. You'll have to rip off the tape each time you charge the batteries, but tape is cheap. Smile
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