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Full Version: Calling Program from Advanced Graphing
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Is there a way to call functions from advanced graphing app?
I created a very simple program:

EXPORT func(X, Y)
return X^2+Y^2;

From the Function App I can call func(X,X) and see a plot
From the Advanced Graphing App if I enter func(X,Y)<=4 I get "Error: Invalid object"

Why the Prime is not consistent?

short reply: NO.

the reason for it is that the advanced grapher does NOT evaluate the function for each x/y, it uses inteval arithmetics on the input function to deduce where things are true or false...

unfortunately, this only works on functions that the interval arithmetic engine can analyse and does not work on programs...

Maybe one day we will create an 'interval' object and modify all build in functions to work with these to allow a program to be called with an interval and return an interval... this would allow what you are asking for... but this is prety advanced stuff!

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