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Full Version: What does G_0 mean when using desolve?
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Hi everyone,
I just started to learn calculus and I was using HP Prime to solve some differential equation with desolve. For example I entered following command:
 desolve(d(y,x))=(y^2-4) )
And I got following result:

So what does G_0 mean? It doesn't look like 'y' or something....
G_# refers to a constant. If you specified boundary conditions, you would get the result for those specific conditions as opposed to a constant covering a general solution.
Note that integration also generate constant of integration.

But, if we use integrated result, F(x), to evaluate F(b) - F(a), the constant cancelled.
Thus, HP Prime CAS (and many other CAS) did not return the constant.

XCAS> ∫(x,x)       → x^2/2

Although constant is not reported, keep in mind it is there ...
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