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Full Version: HP67/97 Standard Pac
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Does anybody know, if there is a box and a manual for this pac? I just habe a plastic bag with the cards. Al other 67/97 packs came in a individual box.

Best regards
The Standard Pack was in the same box as the HP-67 when bought new. I don't think there is a separate box, but there was a manual (also in the HP-67 box), and the cards should be in the standard 40 position magnetic card wallet with the printed paper "Standard Pack" insert in the front of the wallet.

There will, sooner or later, probably be a Standard Pack manual up for sale on eBay, or other used goods sites, but there probably won't be a Standard Pack box.
Hello Matthias,

As Kostas said, there were no boxes for the Classic Standard Pacs (HP-65 & HP-67)


[Image: HP65_StdPack.jpeg]

[Image: HP67_StdPack.jpeg]
It appears that HP supplied the HP97 standard pac as a stand alone product in a padded envelope

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