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Full Version: MathCad Prime version 7
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There is only one calculator in which you can edit a program code in 2D notation (math book) and it is the TInspire/cas.

[Image: 2d_notation_01.png]

Mathematical applications that have this characteristic are:

MathCad Prime version 7 https://www.mathcad.com/en/whats-new

> mathcad-prime-7[Image: 2d_notation_00.png]

> Smath studio https://en.smath.com/view/SMathStudio/summary
SMATH STUDIO course (Spanish)

I would call that "pretty-printing" rather than 2-D. No more "2-D" than Python or Haskell IMHO.
I do not like "math print" style ... especially with coding.
This make text search/replace almost impossible.

Also, it is hard to spot subtle errors in code.
Many posts in the forum is wasted on these matters:

(07-27-2021 01:29 AM)Wes Loewer Wrote: [ -> ]So instead of

∫x²dx +5 ie, ∫(x^2,x)+5
they enter

∫x²dx+5 ie, ∫(x^2,x+5)

The error is very subtle visually in Textbook mode. You'd only notice it if you knew to look for it.
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