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Full Version: HP41C LCD module missing segments
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Somehow three segments of the second digit are missing (top and the whole left). I have a full-nut version and so was able to remove the module easily.
I was expecting it to be the zebra strip but using my own powersource and checking every segment through the zebra strip and applying extra pressure those three segments stayed blank. Only when touching the whole module and so lighting every segment those segments also lit.

Did anybody succeed in removing the zebra strip and reattaching it? It seems to be glued to the LCD.

Any suggestions on how to fix this? A new module is obviously very welcome but probably unobtanium.

Thanks for any suggestions.

I'm actually wondering if this happens more often. Might be an idea to order a custom LCD. Is not very expensive. Or maybe create a fully custom module based on dot-matrix and then just decode the signals and use an OLED for example.

Might there be any interest?
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