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Full Version: Problem with exam mode on Android
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Hello, I have the professional emulator that I bought a while ago on my cell phone, however one of these days it occurred to me to enter the exam mode in the settings, and it was put in the basic mode, but now I can't get out of the exam mode. The manual says how to do it with the physical calculator, but it does not work with the Android emulator, it does not work to press the combination of keys that are used for the calculator. How can I get out of this mode?
I haven’t had and android phone for a long time, but I think I remember if you swipe from left to right a menu pops up that lets you cancel exam mode. It’s a little tricky to start your finger at the exact right place and swipe at the exact right speed to get the menu.
I find reaching that swipe menu easier in a particular orientation (portrait or landscape).
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