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Full Version: Degrees/Mins/Secs
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Hello everyone.

I'm having a issue with my HP prime calculator, love the calculator but it seems to be unable to accept input in decimals of minutes.

So I can input say 1H30M30sec but is unable to take the input as 1H30.5M, when I say unable I mean I've been unable to figure out how to input this, my cheap Casio can take either format and is not fussy, I would assume that the HP prime given its advanced capabilities must have some method to allow this to be inputted also?


Ran into this earlier in the prime days of the PRIME ;-)

Check out this url:

HMS, HR and the Prime

Hope it helps.

Try google:

“Is there an HMS / HR analog on the prime?

Cheers, Geoff
Here's another thread dealing with this:

Nigel (UK)
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