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Full Version: CQ Z80 fans
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Good morning (it is morning here anyway)!
I have recently acquired several Z80 chips made by Zilog.
Maybe they were custom made for a customer, as I can't find datasheets for them,
Two of them have pencil markings on them. On one the marking is DMA, the other PIO,
but the third does not have pencil marking on it, but has the number SL008600
Such as this one on TAS https://www.ebay.com/itm/254253262545?ha...SwElhcXYJr

All three chips have Zilog SL00xx00 designations on them, but I haven't found datasheets.
I guess if I find more info, I'd like to see if they can be used with my Z80A chip to build a basic Z80 machine to play around with.

As always, Thank you in advance
The first two would be the DMA and Parallel I/O support chips. Wikipedia has some useful background for "Z80" or you can go straight to the source for datasheets (look under Classic Products, Z80)


There are plenty of builds on Hackaday or Tindie to get you started.
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