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Full Version: HP82143A Repair - Paper Advance and Round O-rings
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I would like to share my experience with repairing the paper advance rollers for my HP82143A thermal printer. Thanks to some members I was informed a good replacement for the rubber rollers on the paper advance mechanism for this printer, which were square profile o-rings. Unfortunately they seem to be non existent here in Brazil so I ended up using round profile ones. I've installed two on each side of the shaft and then put a tiny amount of glue on the o-ring edges. Attached is a picture of how it looked like.

So far I tested the printer with original HP thermal paper as well as a new roll of thermal paper that is used for credit card machines. I used all 25m of it with no issues so far.

Best regards.
Excellent repair, thanks for the input.

hmm, i wonder if they could be printed from tpu
There was someone on TAS that sells square o-rings for 65/67/97 card reader rebuilds. I think those worked when I tried although they were a bit tight. I’ve also used shrinkwrap tubing and silicone rubber tubing, I think. It’s been a while. The trickiest part is ensuring both sides are both the same size.
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