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Full Version: Connectivity Kit version 20210609 non responsive
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Connectivity kit version 20210609 chokes, gets stuck/non responsive on my Lenovo L13 Yoga laptop with Windows 10. This occurs with the 32bit as well as the 64bit version, connected with the school wifi network as well as at home. Colleagues with the same laptop model are experiencing the same.
On my desktop PC, however, this latest version 20210609 (64bit) just works fine.

A previous version 20180706 just works on my Lenovo L13 yoga laptop.

Any ideas?
There several checks to be made.

1. Run "winver" from the run box or a cli box to find which version of
windows 10 you are running on each machine.

2. The connectivity kit uses a networking protocol to allow the computer
to talk to the calculator. A custom firewall setting may be blocking this.
I have and peer blocking program which I have to disable in order for
the calculator and computer to communicate. Some other "security
/malware/antivirus" program may be blocking the comms.

3. A necessary runtime library for windows may be missing.

Good Luck.

- So, the latest CK (v20210609) installed on a fresh new W10 (Education) tends to choke, become non-responsive.
- After uninstalling this version 2021 and replacing this with the previous version (2018), it turns out that that version just works fine.
- Soon enough, CK 2018 suggested an update to version 2021, which I allowed to proceed.
- After this update CK version 20210609 works.

So, yes. Apparently some dependency was missing.
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