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Full Version: Free42 iOS request
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For Thomas, of course:
It would be nice to have the screen rotate 180° (π radians ;-) when you turn the phone around (eg when it is charging and the cable is too short ..)

Cheers, Werner
Are you saying it doesn't do that already? That's odd, it does on my phone...
It rotates 90°, but not 180°
Latest Free42 (of course), iOS 14.7.1
It does rotate 180° on my iPhone 8.
Free42 3.0.6, iOS 14.7.1.
What device do you use?
iPhone 11 ..
OK, I'll check with the iPhone 11 simulator later today.
It's probably something I missed, having to do with the notch...
Googled it.. seems iPhones 10 and up don't do that any more..
Waze, Maps etc.. are supposed to turn 360°, but they don't, either. Sigh.
Ah. Definitely notch-related, then. Which sort of makes sense, because it would require adding a separate app layout to support having the notch at the bottom of the UI.
It is lame to not even allow it, though. Sigh.
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